W3 Gadgets – Swiss Army Knife Design Multi Tool with Windproof, Flamless USB Rechargeable Coil Lighter, 2.4 inch Folding Blade, Corkscrew, Bottle Opener

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Product Description

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Do you often find yourself short of tools when out in the wild?

You love the outdoors, but you often find yourself unprepared for situations that require you to channel your inner MacGyver. Sure, you carry a pocket knife, but it doesn’t always get you through challenges that require a more complex tool. Opening a beer bottle, for instance, can be a tricky task with just a pocket knife. You can easily get injured trying to pop the bottle, grinding your trip to a sad and fast stop. What you need is a multi-tool and knife hybrid that can hurdle many situations the outdoors throws at you.

The Multi-Tool by W3 Gadgets prepares you for the unpredictability of roughing it in the wild.

The Multi-Tool by W3 Gadgets has uses outdoors and around the home

Using the 2.4 inch knife to open a can

Keep it in your pocket

Take multi tool on your camping trip

Multiple Uses

If you and your family often spend time outdoors, you already know there are always instances that require a multi-tool. You’ll be surprised as to how many times our knife can get you out of the most challenging situations.

It not only opens bottles or peels fruits, it can also open canned food, attach a screw, cut rope, and crimp wire. With 4 tools in one, you can rest easy knowing many of your immediate needs are covered.

Bring it Anywhere

In the outdoors, there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. This portable multi-tool makes the ideal companion during your outdoor activities. With its small size and lightweight design, you can keep it in your pocket, pouch, bag, or fanny pack.

The attached tools fold smoothly back inside the case, so you can tuck them away safely when not in use. No wayward blade accidentally poking a hole through your bag–or your hand!

Ideal for Outdoor Activities

Our useful tool will assist you with everything from fishing to hunting, and from camping to backpacking. The lighter is windproof and flameless, which improves safety while still letting you light fires easily. It shuts off after 10 seconds, as a safety precaution and to conserve battery life. The knife is adequately sized at 2.4 inches–not too long or short.

With the basic tools you need right in your pocket, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean or mountains.

Be Prepared at all Times with the W3 Gadgets Multi-Tool

EBC_Lighting Candle

EBC_Multi tool

EBC_Wrapping for gift

Lifelong Companion

Recognize quality when you see it. Our carefully designed multi-tool is perfect for those who are looking for a product that will last a long time. The body is made of durable materials, and the tools securely attach to it without wobbling or becoming loose.

To use the lighter, simply charge to full (6 to 12 hours) before using for the first time. You will know when it is time to recharge when the light flashes blue. Maintain your lighter by making sure it is free from debris.

Value for Money

Buying this multi-tool is more economical and space saving than buying pieces piecemeal. Plus, owning many separate tools increases the chances that you’ll forget one at home, and have to run out of camp and travel miles away just to buy from a local store.

Our product offers the perfect combination of form and function with its stylish red finish, multi-faceted design, and portability.

Ideal for Gifting

Looking for a great gift to give the outdoors-men and women in your life? Our multi-tool makes a thoughtful present for friends, colleagues, and family who love to spend time in the woods, the lake, and the mountains.

This multi-tool knife comes in a stunning gift box, making your presentation even more unforgettable. Give it as a gift for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. Made to last, this product is surely one your recipient will appreciate.


EBC_Do not touch coil

EBC_Lighter cuts off after 10 seconds

EBC_Recharge when blue light flashes


Perform a full charge before first use (6-12 hours)


Keep the coil free from debris and DO NOT touch the coil


The lighter will automatically stop working after 10 seconds


Recharge when the blue light flashes as this means the battery is low

✅ A CAMPER’S DREAM TOOL – Our pocket knife includes these 4 basic tools: 2.4-inch folding pocket pen knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, and a USB rechargeable flameless, windproof coil lighter
✅ SLEEK & COMPACT – With dimensions of 0.71 x 3.23 x 0.98 inches, our knife takes up little space in your backpack or fanny pack. Bring less and enjoy more out of your camping, hiking, and fishing trips
✅ HANDY & VERSATILE – This multifaceted tool is all you need to make your outdoor adventures go smoothly. Use it to cut lines or small fruits, light a fire, and open bottle caps and corked bottles
✅ KEEPS YOU PREPARED – Never plan a trip outdoors without this essential piece of equipment. Our all-in-one device ensures your trip remains free of unfortunate mishaps and unnecessary setbacks
✅ 100% SATISFACTION – Your satisfaction is our priority. FREE shipping to all Amazon customers. If you are not happy with our multi-tool, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee

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