SWITCHEDGE 14 Tools in One Crimson Pocket Knife

Price: $12.95
(as of Oct 04,2019 04:48:17 UTC – Details)

The Crimson by Switchedge perfectly melds rugged outdoor utility with fine artisan craftsmanship! Heavy duty Stainless Steel 420 construction provides the 14 critical everyday tools with the strength and support you need to conquer any job. Composed of a texturized metallic red aluminum casing, the handle offers sure grip, durability, and a sleek look! Each tool seamlessly opens with the greatest of ease yet firmly holds in place. With a compact size of 3.5 inches when closed, the Crimson easily fits in your pocket or on your keychain (Key Ring included)! Perfect for Camping, Fishing, Hiking, and Survival, as well as a handy tool for the house or car. Kids and adults will get optimal use out of these essential everyday tools… 1. Large Knife 2. Can Opener 3. Scissors 4. Saw 5. Fish scaler 6. Bottle Opener 7. Slotted Remover, 8. Phillips Screwdriver 9. Thread loop 10. Corkscrew 11. Nail Cleaner 12. Nail file 13. Leather Punch 14. Key Ring

14 Versatile Tools in One – Large Knife, Can Opener, Scissors, Saw, Fish scaler, Bottle Opener, Slotted Remover, Phillips Screwdriver, Thread loop, Corkscrew, Nail Cleaner, Nail file, Leather Punch, Key Ring
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tools with Texturized Metallic Red Aluminum Casing
Specially Engineered Tool Design to simply open yet firmly lock in place for safety and performance
Recruit the tool for every day duty with a compact design that fits in your pocket or hooks to your keychain
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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