Milkboy Swiss Chocolates – Alpine Milk Chocolate Bars with Roasted Almonds (5 Pack)

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Swiss Made
Milkboy Swiss Chocolates is a new line of unique chocolate and exceptionally high-quality Swiss chocolate. The brand and product represent the traditional and authentic heritage of the Milkboy, who accompanies the cows grazing on the Swiss Alpine meadows, thereby producing some of the best quality milk available.
Natural Ingredients
We combine high-quality Swiss Alpine milk together with the finest quality cocoa beans from the world’s best and sustainable sources. Our products are made with natural ingredients only and are Kosher certified.
Alpine Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds
Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, almonds, cocoa mass, vanilla pods, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), Cocoa solids: 33% min. , milk solids: 24% min. Allergens information: contains milk. May contain hazelnuts and peanuts.
2018 Sofi Bronze Award Winner
The Specialty Food Association’s Sofi Bronze Award for chocolate was awarded to Milkboy Swiss Chocolates for the Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds.
Artistic Packaging
The beautiful packaging of the Milkboy Chocolates was exclusively created by a local artist specialized in the traditional craft of paper-cut silhouettes and shows the scene typical of the Swiss countryside and the story behind the Milkboy brand. Hand-engraved embossing elements also differentiate each chocolate flavor, adding to the visual and tactical appeal. Milkboy Chocolates utilizes Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for its packaging.
Sustainable Farming
True to our historical heritage and origins in the pristine Swiss alpine mountain region, Milkboy Chocolates takes the sustainability issues of our global natural resources seriously. Milkboy Chocolates uses only UTZ certified cocoa in its chocolate products. UTZ is a certification program, part of the Rainforest Alliance, that recognizes sustainable farming of coffee, tea, cocoa, and hazelnuts.
CREAMY & MILKY – Our 3.5 oz gourmet chocolate bars are the 2018 Sofi Bronze Award Winner for Best Chocolates!
SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE FARMING – We use only UTZ certified sustainably farmed cocoa beans in our artisan chocolate.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS – The best-quality milk available combined with the finest-quality cocoa beans from some of the world’s best and sustainable sources.
BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING – Ready for gift-giving, the beautiful, artistic and original packaging was created for Milkboy exclusively by a local artist that shows the story behind the Milkboy brand.

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