Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa Content — Chopped for Snacking or Melting

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Milk chocolate slabs imported from Belgium—chopped and “brown-bagged” in Vermont for snacking or melting. This 34% cocoa content is easy to enjoy, as it is silky and creamy—and finishes with a hint of caramel. You will find each piece unique for eating and a random treasure hunt. One or two pieces often satisfies an afternoon or evening chocolate craving—as there is a linger of richness. Enhance the experience with a glass of wine.


If you choose to melt the chocolate, a handful or bagful of pieces will quickly liquify in the microwave or in a double boiler. It will need to be tempered if you are molding/dipping—we suggest using the “seed method” as it is simple and instructions can be found via an internet search.


The Chocolate Butcher simplifies great chocolate for the everyday craving. From chopped chocolate to undecorated and un-gift-boxed truffles, our products are as straightforward as it gets—flavor without the fancy.

Chopped Milk Chocolate

Random Pieces — Unlimited Ways to Enjoy.

34% Milk Chocolate is an easy to eat chocolate. Silky and creamy—with a hint of caramel

From Snacking to Melting:

Milk Chocolate Snacking


Melting Milk Chocolate

Snacking—Cross between a chocolate bar & a potato chip

Pieces will range in size from small to large. We are believers that different sizes are a benefit. Certain times you may want a small piece—other times a larger one.

Bring out the full flavor of both the chocolate and wine

Suggested pairings include:

Pinot Noir

Chef-Grade Melting

This is professional grade chocolate, so it will melt quickly and uniformly. We suggest using the “seed method” to temper. It is simple and instructions can be found via a web search.

Jeff Mannion

The Chocolate Butcher History

I started The Chocolate Butcher for a simple reason—after years of consulting in the confectionery industry, I liked the simplicity of eating high-end chocolate as broken pieces.

Most chocolate factories buy their chocolate in large slabs (that range in quality) and then re-melt them into bars, bark, etc. I used to eat the small pieces that split off of these slabs and came to really enjoy the irregular shapes. It was a no frills and random way to appreciate “good” chocolate—a very different experience than eating chocolate from a wrapped bar or from a fancy box.

It took some involvement with a custom equipment manufacturer, and a few years to make The Chocolate Butcher happen. And, we continue to evolve…now with truffles!

Jeff Mannion

Other Flavor Profiles

70% cocoa content is easy to enjoy, as it is not too bitter, coarse or dry

54% cocoa content is smooth and creamy—not too heavy, not too sugary

Rich, creamy, raspberry ganache centers surrounded by chef-grade chocolate. (I eat two a day – great frozen as well.)

Super smooth, liquid-like, caramel ganache centers surrounded by chef-grade chocolate. (Caramel is just as good as raspberry, maybe even better when frozen.)

FLAVOR WITHOUT THE FANCY — We believe snacking is more enjoyable with random, roughly chopped pieces. Sometimes a small piece is preferred, other times a larger one. Enhance the flavor with a glass of wine.
MELTING — Excellent for holiday bark, molding, or dipping fresh fruit, chips/pretzels. (Same chocolate used by many professionals/factories)
PACKAGING — Vacuum sealed, and zip-lock reclosable bag. Ships insulated and iced for Summer.
FAST SHIPPING — PRIME is set for Northeast, other areas ship Priority Mail. (Should receive within 3 days or less after ordering)

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